Crosman Hollow Point .22cal Pellets, 500ct


<p>These Crosman .22cal Pellets are ideal for small game hunting or pest control. The .22 Caliber Pellets are also great for hunting, target shooting and plinking. Whether you are hunting pests on your property or just using them for target practice, these Hollow Point Pellets, 500 ct, are for air rifles and pistols only. These lead pellets are a 14.3 grain. Held in a conveniently small tin, the .22 Caliber Pellets are easy to carry in a jacket or pants pocket when you are on the go. Each tin contains about 500 Crosman .22cal pellets, offering you plenty of firepower for your air rifle or pistol.</p>

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<p><strong>Crosman Hollow Point .22cal Pellets, 500ct:</strong></p><ul><li>For .22 caliber air rifles and pistols only</li><li>Caliber: .22cal</li><li>Pellet type: hollow point</li><li>Grain: 14.3</li><li>Ammo material: lead</li><li>Count: 500ct</li><li>Model# LHP22</li></ul>


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