Whetstone 15″ Jungle Master Hunting Knife


<p>The Whetstone 15" Jungle Master Hunting Knife is just the portable tool you’re looking for to perform different functions while outdoors. This item comes in handy during hunting, hiking and camping trips. It features a thick and quality 440 stainless steel blade with teeth serrations on the reserve side for easily cutting through wood or rope. This hunting camping knife’s 15" size also gives it many uses. The blade itself is around 10", assuring wide coverage. Its curved tip point will easily slice through most tasks. This well-made stainless steel hunting knife can be used to spear game, clear out branches and prepare food. A ridged, rubberized metal handle makes for a sure grip and steady holding. You can secure this cutting tool in its accompanying heavy-duty nylon sheath and carry it around safely and with ease. The Whetstone 15" Jungle Master Hunting Knife has a sleek, clean look that will fit nicely in any collection.</p>


<b><br>Whetstone 15" Jungle Master Hunting Knife:<br></b><ul><li>Nylon sheath included</li><li>15" overall length</li><li>10-1/2" blade</li><li>440 stainless steel hunting knife</li><li>Curved clip point blade</li><li>Ridged and rubberized metal handle for a sure grip</li><li>Teeth serrations on the reverse blade</li><li>Can be used to clear out branches, prepare food and more</li><li>Ideal to have on hand while camping, hunting or hiking</li><li>Makes a wonderful collectible</li></ul>


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