Ultimate Survival Technologies JetScream Whistle, Black


Be prepared for small emergencies with the help of the Ultimate Survival Technologies JetScream Whistle. It is constructed of sturdy and durable ABS and features a compact, flat design. This emergency whistle is a powerful signaling device that can easily be heard above most natural and man-made noises. Its ear-piercing 122-decibel shriek makes it one of the loudest whistles of its kind. Whether on a city sidewalk or deep in the woods, the JetScream Whistle will provide an extremely loud noise to alert anyone nearby of your emergency situation. The pea-less construction allows for all-weather use, and its flat design is perfect for packing or hanging from a pack, purse or key-ring. In addition, this survival whistle floats, making it an ideal safety tool to keep on board a boat. It is also ideal for campers, hikers, hunters and survivalists.


<b>Ultimate Survival Technologies JetScream Whistle, Black:</b><ul><li>Pea-less construction allows for all weather use</li><li>Compact and flat design measure just 2" in length</li><li>Made from durable ABS, the whistle is waterproof and floats</li><li>At 122 dB, the JetScream whistle is 1 of the loudest of its kind</li><li>Note: use caution when using this device around other people</li><li>Survival whistle, black attaches easily to purse, key-ring, back-pack or other handy locations</li><li>Ideal for use when hunting, camping, hiking or just walking across campus</li><li>Limited lifetime warranty</li><li>Model# 20-300-02</li></ul>


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