STERNO GROUP, THE Single-Burner Folding Stove


The Sterno Folding Stove makes it easy to heat up food when you’re outdoors camping, at a picnic, tailgating and more. It also comes in handy during power outages. It is easy to assemble, while also folding flat for space-saving storage between uses. Windshield panels help retain and focus heat and the durable frame resists corrosion. This stove for camping works with Sterno Green Canned Heat as a fuel source (sold separately).


<br><b>Sterno Folding Stove:</b><ul><li>Easy to assemble</li><li>Durable, corrosion-resistant frame</li><li>Windshield heat panels</li><li>Sterno stove folds away flat for easy storage</li><li>Use Sterno Green Canned Heat for best results (sold separately)</li><li>Dimensions: 7.25"W x 7.25"D x 8"H</li></ul>


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