Stansport 625 Emergency Survival Kit


Stay prepared with the Stansport Emergency Survival Kit. This resourceful gear is an invaluable addition during outdoor expeditions. It is durable and airtight to survive any blunder or accident. It has the most required emergency supplies for emergency preparedness and they are all packed in a waterproof utility pouch. The camping survival kit contains an emergency blanket, plastic matchbox, waterproof matches, candle and compass that can help you get the right direction when you are lost. A flashlight, whistle, knife blade, fishhooks, wire saw and other such things are also included. This useful tool makes for a great camping survival kit as it contains an emergency blanket, plastic matchbox and other things. The pouch is also practicable for a classroom setting. The waterproof survival kit is portable and constructed of heavy-gauge vinyl with a self-sealing top. Take this gear to the beach, camping, to the playground or to a youth practice game.


<strong><br>Stansport Emergency Survival Kit:</strong><ul><li>Emergency blanket</li><li>Plastic match box</li><li>Waterproof matches</li><li>Compass</li><li>Flashlight</li><li>Whistle</li><li>Mirror</li><li>Candles</li><li>Wire saw</li><li>Fish hooks</li><li>Lead sinkers</li><li>Leader line</li><li>Sewing needles</li><li>Knife blade</li><li>Airtight camping survival kit</li><li>Durable</li><li>Great for classroom settings</li><li>Portable</li><li>Reliable and convenient</li></ul>


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