Stansport 5′ Hose – Connects Appliance to Bulk Tank


<p>For a handy appliance connector on your next camping or hiking trip use the Stansport 5′ Propane Tank Hose. You can use this multipurpose propane stove hose for your lantern, oven or heater. The fittings of this propane tank hose are well-made, and they easily attach to both the appliance and the tank. It links portable equipment to the bulk tank and is meant to be used in place of disposable cylinders. Helpful for those times when you need extra connecting space, the hose facilitates fast and easy power up your stove or oven. The hose is made of a durable material, finished with bronze connectors and a plastic knob to tighten it securely to the back of your appliance.</p>


<strong>Stansport Propane Bulk Tank Hose:</strong><ul><li>5′ hose</li><li>Propane hose – connects appliance to bulk tank</li><li>For use instead of disposable cylinders</li><li>Model: #190</li></ul>


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