Happy Camper 2-Person Tent with Carry Bag


<p>This Happy Camper 2-person tent was crafted for a variety of camping excursions. The lightweight tent with carry bag has a compact pack size and full-feature operation. The tent also includes a rain fly, to keep campers dry, a vented roof and screen and solid zippered doors. In addition, the 2-person camping tent features an interior pocket and door pull backs. The Happy Camper 2-Person Tent comes with two durable metal tipped tent poles and four metal stakes.</p>


<p><strong>Happy Camper 2-Person Tent with Carry Bag:</strong></p><ul><li>Rain fly</li><li>Vented roof</li><li>2 durable, metal-tipped tent poles</li><li>Screen and solid zippered doors</li><li>Door pull-backs</li><li>Interior pocket</li><li>Carry bag</li><li>4 metal stakes</li><li>Open dimensions: 76" x 60" x 42"</li><li>Packed dimensions: 4" x 4" x 23.5"</li></ul>


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