Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler


<p>This stylish yet functional Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler stores and dispenses refreshing beverages at sports events, parties, when camping or fishing or at family gatherings and is easily carried to any of these activities. This cooler has enough capacity to quench the thirst of a number of people for the duration of many events. The 5-gallon cooler has a removable and dishwasher-safe spout that allows it to be thoroughly cleaned between uses. The fast-flow spout also has a drip-resistant feature to avoid what is often a minor, yet annoying inconvenience. The small handle on the spout operates smoothly, so cups or glasses can be filled quickly and neatly. It has a screw top lid for easy filling, emptying and cleaning. The lid seals tightly to keep beverages cool for hours. This screw top cooler has a vibrant exterior that resists staining, fading and scratches and features two handles for ease in portability.</p>

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<strong><br>Coleman 5-Gallon Team Cooler:<br></strong><ul><li>5-gallon</li><li>Screw-top lid comes with Coleman cooler</li><li>Tight lid seal keeps contents colder longer</li><li>Drip-resistant, removable and dishwasher safe spout</li><li>Coleman cooler comes in orange and resists dents, scratches and fading</li><li>Can hold the beverages required to refresh your family</li><li>2 handles for convenient portability</li></ul><strong><br></strong>


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