Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tomahawk


Modeled after an early frontier pattern, Cold Steel’s Trail Hawk can do it all. It’s an excellent chopper and has a functional hammer poll with a hardened face, so you can drive nails, hammer in stakes and smash or crush just about anything. Best of all it’s extremely lightweight and compact so it’s a cinch to tuck it under your belt or lash it to a pack or shooting bag.


<br><b>Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tomahawk:</b><ul><li>Overall length: 22"</li><li>Hawk length: 6-1/2"</li><li>Primary edge: 2-1/4"</li><li>Steel: drop forged 1055 carbon</li><li>Weight: 23.6 oz</li><li>Handle: American hickory</li></ul>


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