Camillus Knives 3-Day Survival Kit


<p><b>Camillus Knives 3-Day Survival Kit:</b></p><ul><li>This hunting survival kit has been built to keep going when the situation gets tough</li><li>Durable zip-up pouch</li><li>73-piece kit contains:<ul><li>3 days worth of food and water for 1 person</li><li>Flashlight with batteries</li><li>Poncho</li><li>Survival blanket</li><li>Hand warmers</li><li>Light stick</li><li>Whistle</li><li>Wide variety of bandages, antiseptic wipes, first aid creams, ointments and pain relief medications</li></ul></li><li>Designed to snap onto your existing gear with quick-attach MOLLE straps</li><li>Dimensions: 5"L x 6"W x 14"H</li><li>Available in assorted colors</li><li>The ideal item to take along on an extended hunting trip</li><li>Place on in your RV or boat for quick medical care</li><li>Take along on the family camping or fishing trip</li></ul>


Be prepared with the Camilus Knives 3-Day Survival Kit. This trusty kit has everything you need to survive in an emergency or disaster situation until help arrives. Inside the durable zip-up pouch is a fully stocked 73-piece first aid and survival kit. This item includes enough food and water to keep one person alive for up to three days. The hunting survival kit also includes a flashlight with batteries, a poncho, a survival blanket, a whistle, bandages in various sizes, antiseptic wipes and many other necessities. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder with a detachable shoulder strap. The included storage bag is made to snap onto your existing gear with the quick attach MOLLE straps. Put this kit in your camping gear, your RV, your boat, your car, your home or your hunting gear.<br>


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