Barnett Razr Crossbow PKG 185lb 78210


<p>The Barnett Razr Crossbow-Package is ideal for hunters who want to shoot a smaller grain arrow in order to maximize speed. It features an ultralight carbonlite riser, carbon stock with titanium side torque plates and an anti-dry fire trigger safety system with a tight tolerance trigger. This 175 lbs. crossbow also features a CNC machined aluminum flight track and Picatinny rail. It comes with an integrated skinning knife for added functionality.</p>


Barnett Razr Crossbow-Package:

  • Ultralight CRT (carbonlite) riser
  • Carbon stock with titanium side torque plates
  • Reverse cam system
  • Retractable underarm counterbalance support
  • Integrated skinning knife
  • Custom composite laminated limbs
  • ADF (anti dry fire) trigger safety system
  • MIM (metal injection mold) tight tolerance trigger
  • CNC machined aluminum flight track
  • CNC machined 7/8″ Picatinny rail
  • Crosswire string and cable system
  • Barnett talon crossbow sling
  • Barnett predator crossbow is ideal for shooting small grain arrows


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