Augason Farms Soup Emergency Food Storage Kit, 6 count


<p>The Augason Farms Soup Emergency Food Storage Kit is a must-have item to keep in the pantry. If you’re running low on food, or if you live in a rural area and get caught in a storm that prevents you from accessing the store, having this Augason Farms soup in the house will put you at ease. The package includes six different varieties of soup, from Creamy Potato Soup, a family favorite, to Alphabet Soup, a children’s favorite. The other soups in this emergency food storage kit include Vegetable Stew Blend, Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix, Southwest Chili Mix and Cream of Chicken Soup Mix. Together, the soups in this kit add up to 204 servings. They are easy to prepare, and no refrigeration is required, so you don’t have to worry about them going bad. Amazingly, the shelf life of this Augason Farms food storage kit is 25 years. This kit is a great choice for emergencies, for camping or simply for everyday use.</p>

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Soups are a perennial choice and excellent for nourishment when the weather is chilly.<b><br><br>Augason Farms Soup Emergency Food Storage Kit:</b><ul><li>Includes: Vegetable Stew Blend, Creamy Potato Soup Mix, Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix, Southwest Chili Mix, Cream of Chicken Soup Mix and Alphabet Soup Mix</li><li>25-year shelf life</li><li>204 servings</li><li>Easy to prepare</li><li>No refrigeration needed</li><li>For emergency, camping or everyday use</li><li>Long-established manufacturer</li></ul>


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