Augason Farms Emergency Food Dehydrated Apple Slices, 19.2 oz


Augason Farms Dehydrated Apple Slices make for a delicious and healthy snack that is great for eating on the go. These dehydrated apple sizes are an ideal size for snacking or use in recipes. These dehydrated fruits are dried by a low-heat process that removes moisture. The dried apple slices are then packaged for long-term storage. The size of the fruits will shrink, which means there will be ample servings in each container of these Augason Farms Food apple slices. These dried apples come ready to use and require no washing, peeling or slicing, meaning they are easy to prepare and ready to enjoy right away. No refrigeration is needed to keep these dried apple slices tasting their best. Enjoy these slices for camping, food storage or everyday use. With more than 40 years of providing the best in food storage at the highest quality, Augason Farms is the place to turn for food storage and emergency preparedness needs.

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<b>Augason Farms Dehydrated Apple Slices:</b><ul><li>Ready to use–no washing, peeling, or slicing needed</li><li>Packaged for long-term storage</li><li>Easy to prepare</li><li>No refrigeration needed</li><li>For emergency food storage, camping or everyday use</li></ul>


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