Vortex Hunter Archery Bow


Update your hunting gear with this Barnett Vortex Compound Bow. This item makes a welcome addition to an avid hunter’s equipment collection. This right-handed 45-60 lb compound bow features 21" to 27" of draw length, which is adjustable in 1" increments. The package on this Barnett Hunter Compound Bow acts as a convenient carrying case and storage solution for the bow.


<br><b>Barnett Vortex Hunter Bow:</b><ul><li>45-60 lb compound bow</li><li>21-27" draw length adjustable in 1" increments</li><li>60-70 percent let off</li><li>Right-handed bow</li><li>Package serves as a carrying case</li><li>Constructed to ATA/AMO standards</li><li>Model# 1104</li><li>Update your hunting equipment with this right-handed bow</li><li>A welcome addition to an avid hunter’s collection</li></ul>


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