Ultimate Survival Technologies BASE Tube Tarp 1.0 Multi-Colored


Protect yourself or valuable items from inclement weather with this Ultimate Survival Technologies Tube Tarp Tent 1.0. It is a lightweight and compact tarp suitable for use as a tent or an all-weather tarp for a variety of items. This orange survival tarp includes an aluminized side for reflective signaling, guy lines, steel-constructed stakes to tie it down and a stuff stack for storage.


<br><b>Ultimate Survival Technologies Tube Tarp 1.0:</b><ul><li>Ultra lightweight and compact</li><li>Can be used as a sleeping tent or an all-weather tarp</li><li>Safety orange</li><li>Aluminized on 1 side for thermal insulation and reflectivity for signaling</li><li>Includes stuff sack, guy lines and steel stakes</li><li>This versatile lightweight tarp is suitable for a variety of applications</li></ul>


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