Twin Ninja Set with Two Swords and One Sheath


This Twin Ninja Sword Set makes an appealing collectible. It comes with a black nylon sheath that houses both blades. This set features two anodized stainless steel swords with nylon-wrapped handles that provide the user with a safe and secure grip. The pieces are also strong and durable. This decorative black ninja sword set can be displayed in an office or living space.


<b>Twin Ninja Set with Two Swords and One Sheath:</b><ul><li>Strong and durable</li><li>Swords are made from one solid piece of black anodized 420 stainless steel</li><li>Nylon wrapped handles for a secure grip</li><li>Black nylon sheath houses both blades and easily fits across the back</li><li>Swords will add to the decor of a den or office</li><li>Twin sword set with one sheath makes an ideal collectible</li><li>For display purposes only</li></ul>


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