Self-Defense Pepper Spray Pocket Unit with Clip Multi-Colored


Powerful protection in a small package; includes pocket clip. Weighs 0.75 ounces, 225 grams, 23.7 ml and contains approximately 35 bursts. Has a powerful stream spray pattern and sprays up to 10 feet with the eyes as the point of aim. Spray pattern advantage is that it decreases wind blow-back. It has reinforced safety to prevent accidental discharge.

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<br><b>Sabre Pepper Spray, Police Strength, Compact Size with Clip (Max Protection, 35 shots):</b><ul><li>Very practical — small canister with clip — protect yourself at a safe distance while on the go</li><li>#1 brand used by police worldwide: NYPD, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s and US Marshals</li><li>ISO 9001:2008 certified</li><li>Great value — 4 year shelf life (from the date of manufacture)</li><li>Double the industry average</li><li>5 times more spray — 35 bursts or 14 one second bursts — protection against multiple threats and ability to give a quick burst test spray biannually to ensure performance and protection at a safe distance (10′ range)</li><li>Produces powerful ballistic stream with reduced blowback</li><li>Maximize your safety — access to free how to use video</li><li>This item is not for sale in some states</li></ul>


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