Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator – AED




Sudden cardiac arrest(SCA) strikes nearly 1,000 victims every day. Almost 80% of the time, the events occur in the home, where there’s usually someone else who could potentially help. Defibrillation treats the most common form of SCA by shocking the heart back into a normal rhythm, and it greatly increases the chance of survival if used within the first 5 mins. of an arrest. Available for use in that crucial window until professional emergency medical help arrives, the Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator arms you with potentially life-saving technology that’s designed to be used by virtually anyone. HeartStart guides the user with calm interactive voice instructions which sense and adapt to her/his actions and determines if the heart rhythm is shockable, then advises a shock and only allows delivery if it detects a shockable heart rhythm.(You might also need to perform CPR,but HeartStart coaches you through that, too.) The 4-yr. lithium battery runs daily self-tests and alerts you with loud chirping if there’s a problem, so HeartStart is ready for an emergency as are you, thanks to the included training DVD, quick-reference guide and coupons for discounted CPR training. Also includes carrying case and adult SMART Pads cartridge(which lasts 2 yrs.). Please note: pads cartridge for children under 8 yrs./55 lbs. is sold separately and only with a prescription; you can’t use HeartStart on yourself; you may have to kneel when using it; all instructions(verbal/written) are in English; and owning a defibrillator doesn’t take the place of seeking medical care.


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