New Archery Products 100 Grain 3-Pack Crossbow Spitfire Maxx Multi-Colored


<p>The New Archery Products Spitfire Maxx-Crossbow Broadhead attaches to your arrows to give them added accuracy and power. These Archery Broadheads are 100 grain and have a cutting diameter of 1.75". Cut-on-contact points and offset blades allow this hunting broadhead to penetrate deeply into targets. Without any O-rings or rubber bands, the Spitfire Maxx Crossbow Broadhead attaches easily and simply to your arrow shafts. A micro-grooved ferrule-lets this hunting broadhead channel air flow to travel to targets fast. This package contains three Spitfire Maxx Crossbow Broadheads.</p>


<b>New Archery Products Crossbow Spitfire Maxx, 100 Grain, 3-Pack:</b><br><ul><li>1.75" cutting diameter</li><li>Cut-on-contact points</li><li>Field-point accuracy</li><li>Offset blades</li><li>No O-rings or rubber bands</li><li>0.027" blade thickness</li><li>Micro-grooved ferrule</li><li>Model# 60-698</li><li>Limited 1-year warranty</li></ul>


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