Happy Camper Multi-Function 8-in-1 Camping Tool


<p>The Happy Camper Multi-Function 8-in-1 Tool is designed to provide you with eight essential tools that you can use while camping or for repairs around your house. This multi-function tool includes a hammer for tent stakes, pliers, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, serrated and flat-blade knives and a handy bottle opener. A useful nail file is also included with the camping camper tool. A convenient carrying case with a belt loop makes this multi-function tool easy to carry and access for a camper, hiker or handymen. The Happy Camper Multi-Function 8-in-1 Tool will make an ideal gift for those who want a sturdy and reliable all-in-one tool.</p>


<p><b>Happy Camper Multi-Function 8-in-1 Camping Tool:</b></p><ul><li>Hammer</li><li>Pliers</li><li>Phillips screwdriver</li><li>Flat head screwdriver</li><li>Bottle opener</li><li>2" serrated blade</li><li>2.5" flat blade</li><li>Nail file</li><li>Carrying case with belt loop</li><li>Includes 8 must-have tools</li><li>Space saving all-in-one tool</li><li>Ideal for campers, hikers or handymen</li></ul>


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