Emergency Essentials Food Margarine Powder, 41 oz


<p>Emergency Essentials is known for excellent quality, flavor, value and long-term shelf life. Emergency Essentials Margarine Powder is processed and packaged to store long term, so you can use it now or years from now. This is a useful addition to emergency food storage and reconstitutes to a spreadable consistency. Also for use in baking. Each can has approximately 178 servings. This is processed and packaged for long-term storage. Up to a 25 year shelf-life if stored cool and dry. For best flavor and nutrition, keep cans constantly stored at 70deg or lower.</p>

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<b>Emergency Essentials Margarine Powder:</b><ul><li>Have great tasting and versatile margarine any time and for any use</li><li>Re-hydrates quickly, use in any recipe or as a spread</li><li>Prepared and packaged for long-term storage in a sealed #10 can with an oxygen absorber and reusable plastic lid</li><li>Quality tested for taste & long term storage</li><li>Ideal for emergency food storage, camping and outdoor use or for a quick meal that is easy to prepare</li><li>Helping you prepare</li></ul>


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