Cross Gamecrusher 100 Grain Broadheads 3


Advance your target and hunting skills with these Barnett Cross Game Crusher Mechanical Crossbow Broadheads. Each head features ultra sharp Diamize steel blades that open upon impact for maximum power. The offset blades of the Barnett crossbow broadheads deliver extremely sharp edges and massive exit holes. These hunting accessories come in a convenient 3-pack and provide up to a 1-1/2" cutting diameter. Created in partnership with New Archery Products (NAP), they are manufactured for pinpoint accuracy with every shot.


<br><b>Barnett Cross Game Crusher Broadheads, 100-Grain, 3-Pack:</b><ul><li>Flies straight with pinpoint accuracy</li><li>Ultra sharp Diamize blades</li><li>Material: steel</li><li>100-grain steel broadheads come in a 3-pack</li></ul>


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