Coleman Trekking Survival Pole


The Coleman Trekking Survival Pole adds comfort and traction to hiking on nearly any terrain. The item is made of lightweight aluminum. It telescopes from 27-inches to 53-inches, so it’s easy to store in a backpack when not in use. The hiking pole’s contoured cork handle provides a sturdy and comfortable grip, while an adjustable nylon wrist strap adds extra security. This simple accessory helps you keep your footing and gives you leverage on longer hikes, steep trails or slippery paths. The walking pole includes multiple interchangeable tips which provide different amounts of grip for different situations. Sturdy rubber stops keep the pole extended to its desired length, while its different colors and metallic finish make it stand out. Weighing less than two pounds, this walking companion can make an easy and effective addition to practically any outdoor backpacking gear.


<br><b>Coleman Trekking Survival Pole:</b><ul><li>Easy-carry/easy-store aluminum design</li><li>Hiking pole extends from 27" to 53"</li><li>Contoured cork handle with adjustable nylon strap</li><li>Interchangeable tips for different terrain types</li><li>Under 2 lbs</li></ul>


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