Bear Archery Brave Camo Right Hand Bow Set


The Bear Archery Brave Camo Right-Hand Bow Set provides everything needed for a beginner to start practicing their marksmanship. The bow itself features a durable composite riser and limbs, and a draw length between 13.5" and 19". Also included in this Bear Archery Bow Set are a pair of safety-glass arrows, an armguard and finger tab for safety, a quiver, a whisker biscuit arrow rest and a one-pin sight.


<br><b>Bear Archery Brave Camo Right Hand Bow Set:</b><ul><li>2 safety-glass arrows, armguard, 2-piece arrow quiver, finger tab, whisker biscuit arrow rest, 1-pin sight</li><li>26" axle-to-axle</li><li>13.5-19" draw length</li><li>Peak weight from 15 to 25 lbs</li><li>Hunting archery bow with durable composite limbs and riser</li><li>65% let off</li></ul>


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