Barnett Jackal Package


<p>Enhance your hunting skills with the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package, Camo that has a unique, innovative stock design. Its sleek military style stock is lightweight and compact. With its divided fore grip, the bow can be comfortably held. This lightweight crossbow features Barnett’s ADF MIM trigger providing for a smooth 3.5-lb trigger pull and the added benefits of a picatinny rail. It uses the quad limb assembling mechanism for quick and easy assembly. Its high-energy wheels and a synthetic string and cable system produce arrow speeds of 315 fps. With the 4 x 32 mm red dot scope, you are sure to accurately hit your targets. The combination of the lightweight stock and the power this compact hunting crossbow delivers makes it a devastating weapon for any hunter. It renders the power and features of a high priced bow at a price that makes it an excellent value. This power stroke crossbow package comes complete with three 20-inch arrows and a quick-detach quiver.</p>


<strong>Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package, Camo:</strong><ul class="noindent"><li>Sleek military style</li><li>Lightweight and compact</li><li>Divided fore-grip for comfortable hand placement</li><li>Quad limb assembly</li><li>Arrow speeds up to 315 fps</li><li>Comes with 4 x 32 mm red dot scope</li><li>Three 20" arrows and a quick-detach quiver</li><li>150-lb draw weight</li><li>12" power stroke</li><li>7.5-lb weight</li></ul>


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