Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit


<p>The Augason Farms Water Storage Kit starts with a durable 55-gallon barrel designed specifically for water storage. The Augason Farms Water Storage Kit is a closed storage system with two fittings for convenience. The hand pump, with its siphon hose, is easy to use and will transfer up to five gallons of water per minute. The bucket lid opener allows quick and easy opening of barrels, pails and buckets without lid damage. Storing potable water at home in case of shortages or an emergency is a wise precaution. And if you want to keep your stored water useful, the included water treatment drops are ideal, purifying up to 30 gallons each. The emergency water barrel four-year shelf life is not affected by partial use of a bottle, and it’s effective on bacteria, viruses and cysts. When used properly, it leaves no unpleasant aftertaste and meets stringent EPA guidelines. When it comes to quality, dependable products, Augason Farms surpasses the competition.</p>


<b>Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Kit:</b><ul><li>The emergency water barrel includes: 55-gallon water barrel made from food-grade polyethylene, 2 fittings on the barrel (2" BTR and 2" NPS), 6′ siphon hose and hand pump, 2 bottles of water-treatment drops, barrel/bucket lid opener</li><li>Complete water storage system</li><li>Easy to use hand pump and siphon hose</li><li>Effective and safe water-treatment drops</li><li>Excellent water storage barrel for emergency</li></ul>


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