Augason Farms Emergency Food Butter Powder, 36 oz


<p>Replace the butter in your recipes with Augason Farms Butter Powder. This butter powder is a tasty replacement and is easy to use as it blends in easily with the other dry ingredients in your recipes. This Augason emergency food butter powder can also be used as a seasoning for your popcorn and tastes great to make honey butter. This 36-oz can of Augason Farms emergency food has been created for long-term storage and doesn’t need refrigeration to stay usable. This makes it perfect for not only everyday use but for camping trips, as well. This all-natural Augason Farms Butter Powder is packaged for extended storage, has a 10-year shelf life and contains enough for 204 servings in each can. This food is an smart option for those wishing to keep emergency food stocks in their pantry.</p>

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<b>Augason Farms Butter Powder:</b><ul><li>204 servings per can</li><li>Packaged for long-term storage</li><li>Easy to prepare</li><li>No refrigeration needed</li><li>10-year shelf life</li></ul>


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